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Bigger Home, Bigger Yard?

Jason Wermie is the go-to mortgage broker in Winnipeg for home buyers who are looking for the sharpest rates, least amount of hassle and unbiased financial advice.

As an independent mortgage broker, Jason negotiates better rates and terms than if you applied directly to the lender. Jasons experience in the mortgage market, honesty, continued training, technology, and support from recognized financial entities enables him to provide the most competitive market rates.

Jason Wermie with Son
Jason Wermie with Son.

20 Years of Experiance

Enjoy Financial Freedom with a Low-Rate Mortgage.

Jason Wermie has a systematic approach to finding his clients the best mortgage Winnipeg has to offer. Why pay more for your house? Small interest savings over a 20+ year mortgage can result in a big return. Jasons consultation with you will determine your specific financial criteria and to discover any key points. Jason is an independent mortgage broker, he is not limited to one lender and is able to provide you the most competitive mortgages from todays financial markets.

Winnipegs Mortgage Interest Rates.

Bank Term APR
RBC 2 Year Fixed 2.300%
RBC 5 Year Fixed 2.620%
RBC 5 Year Variable 1.630%
SCU Fixed 2-year 2.25%
SCU 5 Year Variable 1.60%

Who is Jason Wermie?

What Customers Say About Jason Wermie?

"Due to an unexpected turn of events, we had a situation that was very complex needed to quickly arrange six re-mortgages. My husband and I recently had some complicated buy to let remortgages to arrange following an inheritance. Jason Wermie Winnipeg was with us every step of the way. Jasons expert knowledge, communication and skill has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone with property in Winnipeg."

Iain Cox, St. Boniface