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About Jason Wermie?

Jason Wermie is an independent mortgage broker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba; I can provide you with comprehensive financial advice for lenders across Canada. Regardless of whether you are buying a condo or a house, real estate is a real investment! As an independent mortgage broker, I am not restricted to financial products from one lender. I have full market access to all financial products and can provide you a favourable mortgage with competitive interest rates!

Jasons financial technology attracts a broad range of mortgages. As a reliable mortgage partner, I compare the interest rates, loan terms and risk penalties from many lenders to allow you to select the best mortgage.

Jason Wermie with Son
Jason Wermie with Son.

20 Years of Experiance

My Consulting Service is Always Free of Charge.

Jason does not grant loans, he brokers them. My financial product partners are all well-known Canadian banks and insurance companies. I save you from the repetitive banking marathon and stress that comes from finding and contacting lenders.

I'am Here to Help.

I am a mortgage broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba and provide mortgage offers, guidance on finance or inspiration: I am here to help. Who doesn’t dream it – the dream of their own house? I can make it come true. I want to help you and support you in finding the best way to finance your own home.

Mortgages are a great financial risk and come with many areas for mistakes. Buying a house, condo or building a house is an investment for life. It’s very tempting to agree a mortgage that might cost more than what fits your budget. It’s also possible to agree a repayment amount that is too low.

Who is Jason Wermie?

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